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Website Development Process
February 29, 2016
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March 12, 2016

Upcoming Website Trends 2016

Upcoming Website Trends 2016

Every year continuously, with the growth of technology grow the new cool features available for websites. For web design in particular, many ideas and trends are taking place in this year. While people are still reflecting on the year that was, let us look at the new awesome upcoming trends that should be appearing in this year.
With so much changing in the past couple of decades, we are swamped with innovations and technological creations that have completely changed our lifestyle and everything that we held familiar in the past millennium. We can’t dare predict the future now, with nothing being certain. Yesterday’s technology is old news today, it is a scary time indeed.
So, firstly we would like to mention that material design will be dominating.
There has been a something of a revolution over the past twelve months in the form of the adoption of Google’s material design as a basis for UI presentation and development.

This trend reflects the move toward smartphones as the principle and first device used to access the web.
Another thing that is believed to peek in 2016 is the Cinemagraphs. As we are all familiar with the content, Cinemagraphs isn’t anything new in particular. Cinemagraphs offer a visual effect that captures a little movement in a photo.
On the other hand, as far as small businesses are concerned with keeping up with the web trends, there are a few tips that might help enhance their web pages.

Write engaging content
This resembles making your content look and feel engaging to your audience. Keep the keywords in tact and spread it throughout your content.
Links from influenced domains
If you have credible links from influential and well ranked websites, they your website is on the way to good ranking as well. having contents with citations from high PR websites will help Google see that your website has quality conten worth seeing.
Using social media
In 2016 media signals will be playing a major role in ranking your overall website in Google’s algorithms. You will have to get a good use of the sites that help you build your audience.

This little trick could help you boost your website to have your best and most productive year. Of course there are many more little tricks and other ways to help you with your website, but as long as the trends of 2016 are in question, we think we have chosen the right ones.

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