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How We Transform Our Client’s Website – Topyourclass.com
March 22, 2016
Website Prelaunch Checklist
Website Pre-launch Checklist
March 28, 2016

How We Transform Our Client’s Website – VisionExchangeProperty.com

199.design Client - visionexchangeproperty.com

There are usually various recipes involved in cooking a delicious story. There are the perfect words, appropriate pictures and fitting gestures. But the last is only applicable to the real world, not the simulated World Wide Web. At 199.design, we are driven with the passion to tell your story in such manner as will achieve your intended end. We are the vehicle that drives your message straight into the hearts and minds of the intended audience. 199.design is the voice that speaks the vision. And it is in this spirit we designed visionexchangeproperty.com, a website that describes in succinct details the first ever commercial launch in Jurong Gateway in Singapore.

We create functional websites with these:

Originality: being the first of its kind, this innovation holds so much promise, and this has to be made known to the guests at the site. Not everyone knows the importance of having a venture avenue in the biggest commercial hub of a major city. Because of this, the website has been designed to be highly informative so clients and potential clients can make informed decision(s). We are design-specific therefore bringing our originality and that of our clients to light.

Technicality: while there are quite a number of web designers out there who know nothing of computer programming and coding- we know this knowledge is important in serving you as best as we can. We therefore put this expertise to use in designing websites and come up with impeccable results. Out websites operate on a superfast speed. You will therefore not be bored off your socks surfing our websites

Perception: When it comes to 199.design, we are more than just a bunch of people creating websites for individuals and organizations ….we rather understand our clients’ vision, key into it and create a website that is highly comprehensive. We leave nothing to chance in designing your website. We understand that there are different people with different needs and different enquiries. Because of this, we develop websites that meet the inquisition of the majority as well as minority. For in the economic world, the power of one satisfied customer is not negligible.

Outlook: we strive to create an overall interface for your website that is attractive. For a website like visionexchangeproperty.com, it is quite easy to get lost in the loads of information that has to be communicated and forget there still needs be an artistic touch to the whole idea but as professionals, we are used to working with a mix of diversity that makes it easy for us to remember what has to be, no matter what. Regardless of the manner of information being passed, a website still has to wear a beautiful look without seeming trifle and this we can easily provide.

Simplicity: there have been many cases where designers try to put all they can do all on one website. This results in an agglomeration of chaos. We know how to avoid that. Even before we make the first click or type to begin designing your website, we know what it will end up looking like. We have it in our minds that it isn’t about showing what we can do but about pleasing you in a goal oriented way. Because of this, we make your website easy to surf for the layman and the internet pro. This simplicity saves the website of ambiguous content that turn a lot of customers off.

We design modern websites at budget prices. ~ 199.design