199.design Client - PS100offices.com
How We Transform Our Client’s Website – PS100offices.com
March 20, 2016
199.design Client - visionexchangeproperty.com
How We Transform Our Client’s Website – VisionExchangeProperty.com
March 25, 2016

How We Transform Our Client’s Website – Topyourclass.com

199.design Client - topyourclass.com

At 199.design, our goal is to create an appealing and functional website that not only attracts customers and potential clients but sustains them. We are not all about designing your website, getting paid and leaving you hanging out to dry. We do our job to create a smile of satisfaction on your face- long after we get paid.

199.design developed Topyourclass.com, a website that provides high quality Tuition and Enrichment Classes such as Creative Public Speaking, Creative Thinking and Goal Setting Workshops and other enrichment programs in a friendly and warm small group learning environment. 199.design created the best website for this Cambridge Learning Centre through our deep insight and understanding of what our client want.

We offer the best services through our;

Creative and Artistic Flare: originality always convince. Our first tool of engagement is our mind whenever we are faced with a task. And with it, we are able to come up with an interface that is uniquely yours. Moreover, our technical prowess allows us to design your website so that it’ll function at maximum speed. With our web developing skills, browsing time isn’t napping time.

Proper Understanding of the Goal: Topyourclass is a website that encourages, challenges and offers students opportunity to learn in a warm, friendly and challenging environment. It will be horrible if such message cannot be passed across in an unambiguous, clear and concise way. As such, no guest is at confusion what the website is about. Our features communicate the purpose of this website in a magnetic fashion. We simply help you tell your story so as to attain your goals and achieve the expected results.

Aesthetic consideration: the next thing that captures attention like the calling of one’s name is a beautiful sight. So what if it’s a website that has to wear a professional outlook? It still must appeal to the eyes. It still must be beautiful to behold. First, it at least has to attract before its content is even noticed. 199.design are aesthetically appealing. We find the appropriate images to corroborate the story making it complete. We work to maintain an overall aesthetic balance. At the same time, we are not just about putting beautiful pictures and mixing colours- we work to maintain a synchronisation of layout, colour schemes, and images to give an overall effective general outlook.

At 199.design, we don’t merely regard ourselves as web designers. We rather see ourselves as middle men between producers and consumers, between manufacturers and their targeted audience and between service providers and their actual and potential clients. Our role is so sensitive; we hold the balance of the distribution world in our hands. That is why to us, it is personal. We have to successfully pass the message across as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Because our work determines which visitors leave or stay, whether skeptics are convinced or not and if the undecided are won or lost, we devote our entire arsenal to communicate convincingly through our designs.

We design modern websites at budget prices. ~ 199.design